Fear me for I am SheilaStretch: Destroyer of Holes

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kfisterj-deactivated20140908 said: Sheila i first saw you on fist forum and I must say you are an amazing woman!

Thanks for the PM! 

I definitely appreciate it when you guys make the effort to let me know when you like the stuff I share! <3

Even though I’m not able to reply to every PM I get like I used to be able to…

You guys messaging me really lets me know it’s worth the effort to keep sharing this stuff like I do :)

here’s a tumblr for you to look at and admine


You aren’t kidding, she’s got some *fantastic* stuff posted up!

foreacher said: I love your cunt. Please make more gape :*

Haha, I’ll have to see what we can do about that :)

brownholedotnet said: What is pleasurable birthing

It’s enjoying the sensations involved with giving birth.

You’d think that after having given birth once, I’d never want to go through it again-

…but instead, I find myself unable to get that sensation out of my head- that feeling of something hole-wreckingly *huge* suddenly sliding out of me all at once

One sure-fire way to make me orgasm is for someone to pull a *huge* toy (maybe an inflatable, maybe a balled-up fist) out of me all at once when I’m on the edge of climax. 

That sensation of something huge sliding out of me, stretching me as it spills out of me is fucking *incredible!*

pornscribe said: It's both easier and harder to write when you're posting new photos. Easier because I have inspiration and a wrecked hole for reference. Harder because I have to type with one hand. I suppose I could go get a toy...

You know you want to! It’s never the wrong time for a toy or two… 


If you can’t find anything else, you can always check the kitchen :D